Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whilst looking through other horror blogs I started to realize that most of them reflect the writers' particularly taste in horror, be it mostly obscure Z-Grade flicks, 70's exploitation, slasher films, etc. It's pretty great to be able to keep my eye on a number of different writers having an idea of what to expect a review of. Maybe once this thing gets a little more established with a few more weeks of entries, someone might notice some genre consistencies, but I really don't see it happening that way. Mostly because my love of horror is fairly all encompassing and as such may appear erratic. Sure I'm a huge fan of Italian gorefests, but I'm also a big American slasher fan. You'll also find me contemplating the morbid genius of David Cronenberg's films a lot of times.

That said, I'd like to know what your favorite sub genre of horror is, if you have one.

A "real" post to follow tomorrow.

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