Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't're dead!

The Burning

I really love The Burning. I think it's the best slasher movie that isn't Friday the 13th Part 2, and I know I'm not alone in that assessment. Slasher fanatics and overall gorehounds recognize this as a real unsung horror classic, with some of the best make up effects scenes of all time. I've been stalling on doing a post about this film for quite a while now, mostly because it's mostly just got to sound like some fanboy gushing. That's because it is.

I think the coolest thing about this movie is the overall tone of it. It just feels so grim. Sure, it has it's lighter moments here and there, but those are quickly overshadowed by the general dark mood that the film enjoys. Even the funny scenes have something off kilter about them. One perfect example is the scene in the boys' cabin where Dave (played by a young Jason Alexander) returns from god knows where with porno mags for his buddies, who are smoking and playing Go Fish or something. Glaser gives them shit for looking at "girly magazines" when they should try the "real thing". Dave proceeds to refer to his buddy Woodstock as a "jerk off champion" and then gets into an argument with Glaser about non-lubricated rubbers. It's way cooler than I'm making it sound. They just didn't have conversations like this in the F13 series. Nah, The Burning was raw and real! I always talked to my friends about getting a stiff wrist when I was 17...

Going along perfectly with the general mood of dread that permeates the film are the over the top and spectacular kill scenes. This was Tom Savini really turning into the legend that he is today. The murder scenes in The Burning are everything that we know a Friday the 13th wanted to deliver, before they got raped by the ratings board. And oh, so much more. I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't had the privalege of watching this gem, so I won't. I respect it that much. Which reminds me...


The Burning is like F13 without it's training wheels. It's notorious reputation is well deserved, though in the end, it is still designed to be a teen horror slasher film. I have a few friends who are horror snobs and really only like Italian stuff and think slashers are mindless and dumb. Fair enough, they certainly aren't Citizen Kane (though neither is The Cat O' Nine Tails, but don't tell them that), but this flick is the one I show them to illustrate what a really good slasher looks like. In the end, they usually come around to my side. Good job, Cropsy.

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  1. Ah man, I need to watch this again. I think I have it on VHS somewhere. Might be worth digging it out again...


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