Thursday, October 15, 2009

16 more days 'til Halloween?

Can you believe it, folks? We're almost there, and that means 2009 is also drawing to a close. Where'd the time go?

For a horror junkie I'm admittedly not very into dressing up. A few Halloweens ago when a friend of mine was dressed a zombie and grunted the all too familiar call of "brains!" I felt the need to speak up and explain him and my girlfriend at the time which film series this originated in (as they had not seen it). The aforementioned (now ex) girlfriend was confused and said "for someone as insane about horror as you, how can you not like dressing up for Halloween?". I really don't know.

I'll tell you what I really like about Halloween though: Horror DVD sales. This is the time of year when I scarf up all the leftover goodies I had been contemplating purchasing but for nearly half the normal price. It often times pays to wait a while after a DVD is released before purchasing, especially if Halloween is on the way, as not only do DVD's go down in price months after release, but Halloween causes the prices to plummet. I purchased like four movies the other day for like 6 dollars a piece. When you're considering that two of them were special editions that actually boasted special features, that's a bargain, and that makes me pretty giddy.

I always get excited about watching horror movies in October. Watching Suspiria (or Halloween for that matter) always feels all the more fitting when the air is chilly and dry, and you can hear the leaves blowing around outside. July just doesn't create the same mood. Though that doesn't stop me.

Every year, often times on Halloween, I choose to watch the immortal film taking it's name from this joyous holiday. Something about the season just doesn't feel complete until I screen this gore-less classic and marvel yet again at it's effectiveness. A true masterpiece. We all know how I feel about (most of) the sequels though.

Readers (?), have any of you unearthed any treasures this Halloween season?

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